Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

October 3, 2011

On Thursday, September 29, 2011, a jury returned a defense verdict in favor of a Ryan Ryan Deluca client involved in an alleged rear-end motor vehicle accident in 2007. The facts of the case were in dispute as the plaintiff and defendant provided different versions of how the incident occurred.

RRD's client was the driver in an alleged rear-end accident which occurred at the intersection of Bedford Street and Spring Street in Stamford, Connecticut. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant struck the rear of her vehicle while stopped for a red light. At trial, the plaintiff claimed soft tissue injuries to her cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine. She also complained of headaches, sleeplessness and pain which radiated from her low back down her right leg. The plaintiff sought treatment with Advanced Health Professionals between December 2007 and August 2008. She testified she continued to suffer from neck and back pain.

The defendant contested the facts of the case and asserted that she was not involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant testified that she came to a complete stop behind the plaintiff's vehicle and never contacted it. The defendant also contested the severity of the plaintiff's claimed injuries.

The plaintiff's demand prior to trial was $20,000. The defendant last offer was $4,876.79. The jury deliberated for approximately 20 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of the defendant.