Our administrative team is responsible for day-to-day operations, policies and procedures in their respective disciplines of operations, information services, human resources, facilities, finance, and marketing. This distinquished and dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure that our attorneys and staff can devote themselves to servicing our clients with the highest degree of excellence.

Nicole A. Caccamo
Executive Director
ncaccamo [at] ryandelucalaw [dot] com
(203) 541-5025


Erika Archilla
Assistant Administrative Manager
earchilla [at] ryandelucalaw [dot] com
(203) 549-6629


Jarret D. Lewis
Finance Manager
jlewis [at] ryandelucalaw [dot] com
(203) 541-5028


LaDonna Pitts
lpitts [at] ryandelucalaw [dot] com
(203) 541-5027


Michael Leahy
Senior Billing and Office Coordinator
mleahy [at] ryandelucalaw [dot] com
(860) 785-5163