Aging Services Litigation

For over a decade, the attorneys at RRD have defended all forms of long term care facilities including Extended Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Senior Living Communities and Home Health Agencies in hundreds of lawsuits involving claims of malpractice. RRD represents both local facilities and national companies in the field of Aging Services as well as a number of the largest underwriters in the field.

RRD recognizes that a nursing home case cannot be tried in the same manner as a traditional medical malpractice matter. Rather, RRD strives to personalize and humanize the facility in order to make the jury understand that the facility's caregivers are real people whose lives are dedicated to doing that which the resident's family is no longer able to do: provide a safe and comfortable environment for their loved one.

Over the years, RRD's Aging Services Team has compiled a vast number of top experts in the fields of geriatrics, geriatric nursing, wound care nursing, neurology and dementia, nutrition, neuroradiology, cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology and orthopedics. Early and thorough case investigation and evaluation have enabled RRD to fashion a cost effective plan of action for its clients and insurance carriers about whether a case should be taken to verdict or resolved at an earlier stage by way of dismissal or settlement.

RRD has handled Aging Services claims of all types including:

  • wrongful death
  • catastrophic neurological damage
  •  wandering/elopement
  •  pressure sores/decubitus ulcers
  •  dehydration and malnutrition
  •  falls
  •  elderly abuse
  •  medication diversion, error in dosage and wrong medication
  •  wound care
  •  osteomyelitis
  •  complications of diabetes

RRD Partner John F. Costa also acts as national counsel for one of the nation's major insurance carriers in the field of Aging Services.