Premises Liability

RRD has a long history of defending lawsuits involving allegedly defective premises and other claims that involve the use or ownership of property. The firm has represented property owners against claims of injury caused by allegedly unsafe conditions. Our clients have included private homeowners, retail establishments, commercial entities, property managers and public/governmental entities.

Our work in this area has included the defense of suits involving catastrophic personal injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, as well as property loss due to fire and other causes.

Premises liability claims in Connecticut can be complicated and the law in this area is constantly changing. Significant cases recently decided by the Connecticut Supreme Court address the duty owed by land possessors, the ability to apportion liability to third parties in premises cases, liability imposed against retailers based upon their mode of operation, the availability of indemnity and the viability of anti-subrogation clauses in commercial leases.

Representative cases handled by the firm in this area include:

  • obtaining summary judgment for a restaurant on an $875,000.00 claim for indemnity based on an “anti-subrogation” clause in a lease;
  • obtaining summary judgment on claims of defective premises based upon lease language;
  • defending numerous bars/restaurants in liquor liability cases;
  • defending many homeowners and other individuals or entities alleged to be “keepers” of dogs against claims brought pursuant to Connecticut’s dog bite statute;
  • obtaining numerous defense verdicts at trial on claims of defective premises;
  • obtaining “zero dollar resolutions” for our clients on the basis of successful tenders of defense based on lease language; and
  • prosecution and defense of subrogation claims.