Connecticut Supreme Court Clarifies Constructive Notice in Premises Cases

September 19, 2012


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The Connecticut Supreme Court recently held that defendants were entitled to summary judgment in a premises liability case, finding that the plaintiff had failed to meet her burden of proving constructive notice of the allegedly defective condition.  Ryan Ryan Deluca partner Robert C. E. Laney, with associate Peter E. DeMartini, filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association in the case.    

In DiPietro v. Farmington Sports Arena, LLC, __ Conn. __ (Aug. 28, 2012), the plaintiff brought a lawsuit seeking damages for personal injuries her minor daughter sustained while playing indoor soccer.  The plaintiff sued the manager and operator of the indoor soccer facility, the property owner, and the individual who controlled the facility and who had chosen the playing surface the plaintiff claimed caused her daughter’s injuries... read more.