The firm prides itself on its courtroom results. Between 2002 and 2015 the firm tried 173 jury cases to conclusion in both state and federal courts. One hundred and eleven (111) of those trials resulted in defense verdicts in favor of our clients. In another 25 cases, the verdict was less than the last amount offered, cases we also count as wins. This translates to a firm-wide winning percentage of 79%. Many of these cases were tried against some of the finest lawyers in the State.

We also recognize that very few cases result in jury verdicts, so every effort is made to resolve cases short of trial on the best terms possible for our clients. We resolve hundreds of cases every year by settlement. We have also been able to close over 40 cases per year without any payment whatsoever being made by our client as a result of successful motions, tenders of defense, or by simply convincing opposing counsel to withdraw the case.