Ryan Ryan Deluca Scores Three Impressive Results in the Same Day

October 3, 2018

Two of Ryan Ryan Deluca’s litigators obtained three different notable outcomes on behalf of RRD’s clients on September 11, 2018, including two “zero-dollar” resolutions, the latest in the firm’s successes throughout the state. Each of these accomplishments is noted below.

RRD Partner John F. Costa Obtains Win for Local Hospital

In a case brought against a local hospital, the plaintiff voluntarily withdrew her complaint on September 11, 2018 following Attorney Costa’s motion for directed verdict at the close of the plaintiff’s presentation of evidence at trial. The plaintiff had sustained a trimalleolar fracture which was complicated by multiple infections resulting in three surgeries and eight weeks of hyperbaric wound care treatment, totaling $183,000 in medical specials. 

Connecticut Appellate Court upholds Trial Court Summary Judgment Decision Obtained by Attorney Michael Kenney in Major Premises Liability Case

In a decision officially released on September 11, 2018, a three-judge panel of the Connecticut Appellate Court unanimously upheld a trial court’s earlier decision granting summary judgment in favor of one of RRD’s retail clients, WalMart, Inc.  The Appellate Court’s decision, which occurred in a case where the injuries and damages were quite significant, is a major victory by Attorney Kenney not only for WalMart, but for other retailers and property owners who find themselves defending premises liability lawsuits in Connecticut. 

US District Court rules in favor of RRD trucking client

In an opinion released September 11, 2018, the Hon. Janet Bond Arterton of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut granted a summary judgment motion also filed by Attorney Michael Kenney on behalf of his client, Knight Transportation, Inc., which following its merger with Swift Transportation is the largest over the road trucking company in the United States.