Congrats Irene Kim and Catherine Nietzel

October 25, 2019

RRD Attorneys Irene Kim and Catherine Nietzel successfully defended a motorist who collided with a motorcyclist when the RRD client attempted to take a left turn onto the on-ramp of Interstate 95.  The motorcyclist underwent emergency surgery to his knee after a part of his motorcycle fell on it, impaling his kneecap.  The motorcyclist initially sued just the RRD client, but then sued his own insurance company for uninsured motorist benefits because it became clear during discovery that a third vehicle was involved which left the scene.  The plaintiff amended his complaint to add an uninsured motorist claim, but, at trial, sought to place most of the blame on RRD's client.  The jury returned a verdict assessing just over half of the liability on the RRD client and the rest on the plaintiff, for speeding, and the phantom vehicle.  The pre-trial demand was $200,000 but the jury returned a total verdict of approximately $121,660.30. RRD's client is responsible for only $65,696.56 of the total verdict.